Nature and biodiversity

Carrying out business expansion or construction and infrastructure projects can have impacts on the surrounding natural environment. Our team will help you identify the possible consequences and find solutions for them.

The study of the impact on nature in your company's surrounding area can be very important in order to obtain a balanced, feasible and legally secure licence.

If you are planning a major investment, a quick scan will indicate whether the location near a nature reserve may have an impact on the licence or the licence conditions.
Our employees investigate this in collaboration with a permanent network of experts. 
You can count on the following expertise in ecological impact assessment:

  • drawing up of an Appropriate Assessment/Nature Assessment for your environmental licence near a Natura 2000/VEN area;
  • environmental impact assessment: biodiversity discipline;
  • wind turbine impact study (inventory of birds/bats and determination of maximum number of victims, influence of noise);
  • influence of acidification and eutrophication caused by NOx, NH3, programmatic approach to nitrogen or PAS and SO2;
  • ecological and strategic advice: quick scan.