Process safety study (HAZOP, PLANOP)

Do you have installations within your company for the loading, storage or production of hazardous or non-hazardous substances?
Would you like to understand possible abnormalities, defects or process disruptions that could lead to undesirable events such as the release of a product, loss of production or installation damage?

We help you to develop a thorough analysis.

A process safety study is preferably carried out in the design phases of a new installation in order to be able to adjust the design in a timely manner at every stage, or for an existing installation so as to map out the risks and evaluate whether they have been sufficiently controlled by the necessary measures. 

Our experts specialise in HAZOP, an analysis methodology used worldwide to systematically detect undesirable or dangerous process conditions. At the same time, the available safety measures to control these process conditions are mapped out and evaluated. 
We also have expertise in PLANOP. The PLANOP software is no longer supported by the developers, so this methodology will slowly disappear. Nevertheless, you can still call on us for questions related to this methodology or to convert a PLANOP analysis into a HAZOP.

The scenarios identified in the HAZOP are evaluated with a technique of choice. Simple techniques such as risk matrix, risk graph and Kinney can be applied, but you can also contact us for extensive expertise in the LOPA technique. 

We will discuss with you the best way to approach your process safety study and provide customised support.