Mobility and spatial planning

Today's mobility is no longer limited to the construction of transport infrastructure that can be used by transporters and residents. The concept of sustainability must be integrated right from the first discussions concerning the construction of transport infrastructure with a view to providing satisfactory solutions for today's and tomorrow's needs as well as for changes in modes of transport that could take place, insofar as this is possible.

When developing SME zones or industrial parks, thorough consideration must be given to the chosen location in terms of accessibility as well the desired expansion of the park in question in both the short and long term, and the nature of the activity that is to be based there.

Irco can assist you in developing innovative solutions with a scientific basis to develop your project.

We can carry out the following activities for the implementation of multimodal studies:

  • collection and analysis of data such as traffic counts, observations, surveys;
  • management of mobility when carrying out work (signalling, traffic flow management, etc.);
  • analysis of parking requirements: rotation, occupancy, implementation of a solution for reserved spaces, etc.;
  • optimisation of the transport network (performance, customer experience, etc.);
  • follow-up and impact of infrastructure projects or development projects (traffic, accessibility, parking spaces, etc.);
  • advice on and preparation of strategy regarding accessibility.

In addition, we can make the following plans for you:

  • transport plan for the company;
  • municipal and urban mobility plans;
  • circulation plans;
  • management plan for the mobility network;
  • mobility plan for people with disabilities;
  • cycling plan.