Soil inspection

IRCO srl is an accredited category 1 and 2 soil expert for the Walloon Region. We can therefore carry out soil inspections in accordance with the relevant legislation (decree of 05/12/2008), in particular exploratory and descriptive soil inspections as well as soil remediation projects and final evaluation files after completion of the remediation work. Of course, we can also provide guidance on soil remediation projects during the implementation phase whilst respecting the applicable environmental regulations and the regulations regarding codes of good practice.

Within the framework of the regulations on the movement of soil, we can assist you in carrying out the necessary inspections of batches of excavated soil and, as soil experts, we can handle the necessary dealings with the public authorities for the implementation of the work in question.

For the drilling work, we call upon one of the professional, specialised companies belonging to our circle of preferred partners.

In case of soil calamities, we can guarantee a quick and adequate intervention, further follow-up and thorough guidance (how to respond, who to contact, ...).