The VCRO (Flemish Spatial Planning Code) and its implementing decrees form the legal framework for spatial policy. If you wish to build, renovate or (re)develop a site, you must submit a licence application for urban development activities. 
In addition to being tested against the legal requirements, each project is also assessed in terms of "good spatial planning". Our experts support and guide you in the preparation of these complex and socially sensitive files. We closely monitor the rapidly evolving legislation and notify you immediately of any changes that are of specific importance to your company. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the legislation and a clear understanding of its interpretation, you will avoid many administrative and environmental problems.

Call on our expertise:  

  • drawing up EIAs, exemption and screening;
  • environmental licence applications and appeals;
  • environmental license procedures;
  • legal advice and interpretation of legal texts and changes in legislation;
  • specialisation in VLAREM section on ‘Storage of hazardous substances’ and 'waste'.